I’ll Find Someone


Drums and Percussion:  Jay Bellerose

Bass:  Jennifer Condos

Guitars:  Greg Leisz

Violin:  Gabe Witcher

Keyboards:  Patrick Warren


I’ve got my smoke and wine

And my Ballantine’s

To blur my memory

I sold my wings and I settled down

But it wasn’t meant to be

And I told her name to the nightingales

So they could sing to me

Lonely for nothing

Tears will fall

But I’ll find someone


Take a little look down Lovers’ Lane

Heaven help us all

It’s titty bars and attitude stars

And strangers come to call

With their kisses raw as battle scars

And voices through the walls

Lonely for nothing

Tears may fall

But I’ll find someone

All songs © Greg Copeland / Nel Mezzo Music .  All rights reserved